Office 365 delivers scale and longevity to your digital transformation

So, you’ve signed up your business to Office 365 to get the Office suite. You’re using Microsoft Exchange online to save yourself the hassle of maintaining MS Outlook servers. You think you’re...

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The one critical role to fill for a successful digital transformation

Transforming your business is a challenge. It always will be.

The temptation with digital transformation is to see it as a technical change – an IT project – when you are actually turning your...

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The skills you need for your digital transformation

Successful digital transformation relies on having specialised technical and leadership skills at hand at various stages of the journey. But before we start listing skills, it’s important to...

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How advanced technology is shaping retail

Retailers now have an exciting array of emerging technology options which can be used to gain better customer intelligence and boost sales.

Working with point-of-sale (POS) systems, managing stock...

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Kogan Nano Drone: The Drone that Fits in the Palm of your Hand

Product Details

The Nano Drone is packed with impressive tech.

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Top 10 technology innovations of 2017

This year can be marked as a turning point in our adoption of new technology. We are now moving from technology “buzzwords” into tangible applications of these much spoken about technologies.

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Now is always the right time to accept change in IT

Planning will always be important when it comes to managing change and technology refresh cycles. The challenge is to not let established planning cycles become a blocker to IT-driven business...

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