Retailers now have an exciting array of emerging technology options which can be used to gain better customer intelligence and boost sales.

Working with point-of-sale (POS) systems, managing stock control applications and selling on the Web are all in a day’s work for Australia’s mid-market retailers. In addition to the IT engine of the retail industry, there are many new technologies which can drive change to existing processes and up revenue opportunities.

Discover the in-store tech potential

For most retailers, getting people into the store is half the battle, but technology can dramatically change the game once they are there. Here are a few possibilities:

Bring digital to in-store. Signage is critical in retail and in recent years digital signage has become an attractive way to impress shoppers and to rapidly change the content by the minute. The technology now exists to go a step further and include offers people can redeem while in store using their smartphone.

Provide visual experiences. Another interesting trend is 3D visualisations of products to entice buyers. By using augmented and virtual reality, customers can get a “real world” view of products to help their decision making.

Gain in-store intel. The movement of people around the store can be tracked from mobile devices and this data can be analysed to give business leaders insight into the most effective store layout and most attractive areas.

Better in-store BI

The future of retail is all about better business intelligence (BI) – both in-store and online – so business leaders must ask what it can bring to their organisation if their IT capability allowed it. More detailed customer behavioural patterns combined with sales data can be used to expand successful initiatives and retire old habits.

Connected devices, in-store experiences and backend data integration all present good opportunities for industry growth.

Talk to Tecala (or your managed service provider) about delivering better BI, and a platform for growth across the entire retail ecosystem.

Posted on December 18, 2018

in Technology, Innovation, Digital transformation

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