Sales success will always be dependent on relationships and the individual skills of your sales team. However, access to mobile sales applications and integrated data will help create an accountable and seamless sales process.

Digesting sales productivity

Selling has always been tough, but poor IT practices only makes things more difficult for people tasked with interacting with prospects and customers every day. Here are 3 aspects of a sales role that can make or break productivity:

1. Right device, right sell.

Having the right device for the sale is imperative to closing that deal from the field. With so many devices to choose from, IT must play a role in advising sales staff on how to be productive with the type of products or services they are selling. Smartphones and tablets are good for displaying content while on the road and notebooks are ideal for content creation. The use of virtual reality technology to walk buyers through a world where they can “see” the offering for themselves is now an option for field sales reps.

2. Applications anywhere.

Devices must also support the required applications for both local demonstrations and back office connectivity. Applications like multimedia playback, CRM and even weather forecasts can help field sales, and IT should play a central role in enabling access. Mobile apps can collect data and enterprise applications can be enabled on most devices. Gather feedback from sales staff on what their challenges are with application access and develop a plan to overcome these productivity blockers.

3. Relevant, integrated data.

Data is the decision engine of business and sales operations can benefit a lot from having access to the most relevant information in the field. IT can boost productivity by helping to build a profile of the customer to enhance the possibility of a sale and save time by eliminating repetitive tasks. This is particularly relevant when teams of sales people are working across large regions. Talk to a managed services provider (MSP) about ensuring relevant sales and how customer data can be integrated into a mobile interface.

Sales are not bound by an office location and your applications shouldn’t be either. Mobility is the future of sales: it will not only streamline processes, but help close more deals.

Posted on November 17, 2017

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